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Arsis youth ensembles discography

To date, Arsis youth ensembles have released five CDs.

The first CD Joyous Carillon is recorded by Arsis first youth ensemble in 2000. On the album you can hear the classical music arrangements and also original pieces for handbells. All the pieces have been played with the handchimes whereof soft and beautiful timbre sound like an organ.

In the second album Music Box recorded in 2007, you can hear some familiar pieces from the first CD, but this time played by handbells. Among of classical music can be found also folk songs, including estonian folk songs, which have been arranged surprisingly by the american lady.

Tartu Handbell Ensemble issued their first album Staccato giocoso in 2009. The album consists of pieces of classical music, arrangements for well-known melodies and pieces from pop-music genre. There are also many pieces, which are composed especially for handbells.

Legend, the fourth collection of the youth groups is recorded in 2010 and compiled of the favourite pieces of the two youth ensembles in Tallinn. The name of the album has an ambivalent meaning. First – the dominant composer on the CD is legendary P.I.Tchaikovsky, whose work, especially his “Nutcracker”, is greatly important to Arsis ensembles. Secondly, there are pieces on the album, like Gillis's “Pick a Winner” or Albinioni's “Adagio”, which are the most played and at the same time loved amongst the young players themselves.

Prelude, released in 2016, is full of pieces which technically and musically can be called as virtuoso pieces - starting from the Grieg "Prelude" until the "Flight of the Bubmblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov as the toughest piece in the classical music world. On the album can be heard also beautiful melodies from the opera world like Mascagni "Intermezzo" and "Largo" by Händel. Arsis' favourite composer, Tchaikovsky, is presented as well, with the pieces from the ballet "Nutcracker" and the cycle " The Seasons".